Heterodox Economics: Introducing students to an important alternative economic way of thinking.

"Take seriously the Heterodox Boxes. If they are not assigned, consider them mandatory bedtime reading! They present alternative points of view (that is, "heterodox," non-orthodox, points of view: the Greek words mean "many-opinion" vs. "upright opinion") on everything from the role of mathematics in economic theory to the visions of libertarianism after Ayn Rand. Think of the Heterodox Boxes as an introduction to the wider culture of economics." ~~ From Preface to Students

"As you know, I use The Grapes of Wrath in my classes. It's a great aid, raising all the issues, micro and macro, in a gripping story. Steinbeck doesn't resolve the issues the way an economist would, naturally. Then again, I want my students to understand social injustices and what happens to people who are victimized in a market economy characterized by selfishness. Most economics textbooks lack such perspective." ~~ Steve Ziliak, "Preface to Teachers"

See also Economic literature in the "Speaking Economics" section.